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After working with BMI Solutions for a couple of years maintaining their websites, we were delighted to then be offered the chance to re-design them all. BMI Solution's main website is one of the top sites nationally for document scanners and consumables from all recognised manufacturers. In addition BMI also have several 'satellite' websites targeting specific manufacturers such as Kodak, Canon & Fujitsu. The requirement was for a re-design of all these sites but with common design elements throughout that still allowed for the individual brands to show through.

The original design of the main site was based on a 3 column format which didn't allow much space for the product listings and images and included the various product and manufacturer navigation down the side columns. Our first structural suggestion was to change the website's navigation to one main menu bar across the top of the site with drop-down menus for each product type. This allows quick and easy access to the manufacturer category pages of each product type. The coding of the menus was also done in such a way as to clearly show the website's hierarchy to search engines so they can better understand the site structure.

Changing to a 2 column format provided the extra space required to introduce larger main product images along with clickable thumbnails to view pop-up lightboxes of the full size images. To further make better use of the space available and improve the user experience, we also introduced page tabs to separate the product information into clickable 'pages' for ease of access to the desired information such as product specifications and related products etc. All the page content is preloaded on the initial page view so switching between tabs is instant for the viewer and search engines still get to see the whole content as one page ... very convenient! This general layout also still allowed for a side column to place useful widgets, links, adverts and promotions. Once designed, the template was also rolled out to the satellite websites providing a uniform structure between them all but allowing enough individual styling to set them apart from each other and space to represent their respective brands.

Cornerpiece also helped BMI Solutions establish their brand within social media with the creation of a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. We styled both sites to compliment the main website and added navigation direct from the website to each. We also integrated several social media sharing technologies such as Facebook's 'Like' button and the new Google +1 button to each page of the website allowing visitors to share with ease. All of these features are available as part of our Social Media Package.

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We have worked with CornerPiece for several years and throughout our working relationship they have delivered the goods time & time again, I cannot speak highly enough of the creative aspect shown within their work. They have consistently delivered all of our projects on time and within budget.

I will continue to use CornerPiece for all of our website design and social media work and would highly recommend them to others. end quote

Jason Orchard - BMI Solutions