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Grand Soleil Charter
Grand Soleil Charter's first website was designed by cornerpiece. Due to later expansion however, it was decided that more control over the content of their website and an updated design were required. Cornerpiece recommended a bespoke content management system that would allow GSC to create, edit and remove new content and images at their own convenience. Once a basic structure for the new website was agreed, we got down to the design and development work.

The new website design included some great new feature such as:

  • slideshow images to keep each page looking constantly fresh and engaging
  • an image gallery with hover thumbnails
  • automatic duplication and resizing of images on upload
  • email newsletter subscription
  • a links section to provide useful information to customers
  • a downloads section to allow customers to download brochures and promotional material

We also added a news section so that GSC could keep there customers up to date with all the latest happenings and promotions.

After all the content had been entered and images uploaded, the new website went live and was submitted to all the major search engines.

As the owners of GSC also have other websites and domains, they later decided to move all of these onto a new VPS. Cornerpiece configured the server, including anti-spam software, and managed the move of all the domains.

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Whilst forming GSC and looking for a web design company, we followed up on a recommendation of cornerpiece. They won the contract to build our first website and we haven't looked back since.

As our company grew it became apparent that the existing site needed upgrading to reflect the increase in the services we were now offering. We also asked if it was possible to update the content of the site ourselves through an administration interface of some kind. Cornerpiece recommended a content management system tailored to our specific requirements and this is exactly what they delivered. We now have complete control over our website content and can make changes when we like from wherever we like.

We have turned to cornerpiece for several other IT needs and have always found them to be fast, efficient and affordable.end quote

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