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London Online Estate Agent
London Online Estate Agent Ltd came to us with a strong idea of what they wanted and also the unusual requirement to integrate their site with third party software that they were using for the day to day running of the business. LOEA have placed themselves as THE online estate agent for London and the surrounding areas and so required a website that was sharp, and attention grabbing but at the same time informative and easy to navigate. The website also had to provide for Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and Tenants alike and allow for all to follow their respective registration and enquiry paths and enable both registration and non registration products to be purchased online. Some of the required functionality was provided by the third party software so our job was to integrate with this as seamlessly as possible. The rest of the required functionality was created by CornerPiece and integrated with our CMS (Content Management System) were necessary.

The website content includes several different aspects with various main sections and sub-sections, dynamic forms for post code areas checks, property search etc, different registration tracks, and e-commerce integration with a payment gateway. Various graphical elements and effects were used throughout the website including animated banners, sidebars and slideshows to keep the site looking lively and engaging.

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I am extremely satisfied with the service, dedication and pure skill that Cornerpiece delivered. Every detail was covered and it all worked smoothly. Even things that I hadn’t thought about, Cornerpiece were always one step ahead and had solved a problem before I even knew about it! Cornerpiece were able to deliver all of the aspects that I wanted on my website. The website needed a lot of background work, however, Cornerpiece swiftly undertook this and the website was fully functional in no time.

Our website is perfect and the graphics vibrant and has helped to get business through the door and customers have often remarked at how well the website is presented. I submitted a few scraps of paper and drawings; however Cornerpiece were able to transform this into a multipage, fully functional and visually captivating website. I would highly rate the service, communication and most of all the final product. end quote

Karl Lawrence - London Online Estate Agent Ltd.