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For the uninitiated, a blog (short for web log) is a kind of social media or online magazine where individuals or companies can keep their readers, fans, or customers up to date with all the latest news, happenings and opinions of the author and can include text, images, video and sound. Blogs can be websites in their own right but can also be a fantastic marketing tool when incorporated into an existing website.


By far the most popular blog software available is WordPress. An open source software package with a huge support community of developers and contributors and a host of great features including:

  • a very easy to use admin interface which just happens to be really good looking too
  • futureproof template system known as Themes keeping your design separate from the software code
  • visitor comments system allowing feedback and interaction with your readers
  • spam protection tools to manage and eliminate comment spam
  • full user registration system for registered only comments and email subscription
  • multiple authors
  • multiple user access levels
  • search engine friendly urls

Cornerpiece specialise in WordPress blogs and can design engaging 'themes' to match your corporate identity, your existing website or whatever design you have in mind. We can also use WordPress as a content management system for your non-blog website.

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