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Most projects begin with the web design stage, unless you already have a definite web design in mind or just require some modifications and / or development of an existing site. The web design stage starts with discussion between cornerpiece and yourselves to ascertain your requirements, your end goals and to learn as much as possible about your organisation and your customers. This will allow us to create a 'mock-up' of your new website, normally achieved through one or more graphics packages.

The general design of a website involves more than just creating a pretty face. A successful website must be representative of your organisation, engaging to your customers, and intuitive to use. There are plenty of beautiful looking websites out there with all the latest bells and whistles, but if you can't navigate your way around with ease then the purpose is lost.

The end goal of your website is of course extremely influential on the end web design. If the main purpose of your website is to generate sales then we focus on converting prospects into customers. If you wish to increase subscriptions to a service then we focus on getting your visitors to sign up. If a website fails to meet it's main objective then all the other design features, no matter how good they look, are for nothing.

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