web design & development : social media optimisation

Social media is a very broad term used to describe a wide variety of applications and websites. These include forums, blogs, wikis, social networking and sharing websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr, social bookmarking and tagging websites like delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg and reddit, even micro-blogging via twitter. The list is virtually endless. The one thing they do all have in common is a desire to collaborate and share information, be it in a text, image, video or sound format, in a social community environment. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer scale and variety, don't worry, your not alone. Taking your first steps into the world of Web 2.0 can be rather daunting.

The terms Social Media Optimisation and Social Media Marketing refer to the leveraging of some or all of the above technologies to promote your organisation, your products and services and of course your website. Cornerpiece can advise which technologies are relevant to your website and your organisation, and help you to build an internet marketing strategy. Beware! Blatant advertising in a social media environment is generally scorned and could do you more harm than good. Absolute disclosure is the best policy and if done right, social media optimisation can introduce your products and services to whole new audiences, some of whom may become your best salespeople!

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